Select Vibration Circulation™ System

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This is an advanced-feature Vibration Circulation™ system that will do wonders for everyone interested in feeling good to great!

Full 3 Year Warranty! One year additional warranty option!



Our Select System is a step up from the Classic for those interested in additional key features! In addition to the great features of the Classic Vibration Circulation System™,  the Select includes:

  • Use it anywhere you can find an electric outlet.
  • Improve your already good health.
  • Recover from and address nagging and painful health conditions.
  • Simply use for as little as 10 minutes a day to relieve stress, sleep better, and feel good!
  • Handrail and grips for more comfort and support.
  • Easy to use display
  • Music & volume controls
  • Swing motion controls (subtle but powerful balance strengthening)
  • Adjustable vibration controls
  • Furniture quality appearance for any room in the house or office
  • Buy one for a friend or family member you may care about, too!

Feeling good is great therapy!

1 review for Select Vibration Circulation™ System

  1. Mark North Texas

    I had used the Classic system for about two years and upgraded to this one. I liked the entertainment options and I am more comfortable on this one as a really tall person.

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