Vibration Circulation System™ Xtended Warranty Option


Protect your Vibration Circulation™ System investment for an extended period!

A bonus option in addition to your full 3 Year Warranty!



Our Classic and Elite Vibration Circulation Systems™ are delivered to you with a full 3 year warranty on parts and labor. Vibration activated circulation is not a one day, week, year or even 3 year need for feeling good – it is for you entire lifetime!  Protect your purchase and your ability to feel good for an additional year for a very small investment!

  • This is transferable one time if you sell the system or pass it along.
  • Warranty for all parts and system defects or failures.
  • Also includes a lifetime subscription to our news and tips for feeling good to great!

Classic and Select Vibration Circulation™ Systems!


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