Vibration Circulation™ System Introduction & Personal Consultation

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Maximize your Vibration Circulation™ life style improvement opportunity. Add this personal session to your System purchase and receive a one-hour Vibration Circulation™ consultation at your location or ours. Learn and understand how your body is just waiting to go to work for you!




Try Before You Buy System Buyers

Receive a great introduction to a Vibration Circulation™ System by an authorized professional, receive the benefits of energizing your circulation, and get comfortable with a system before you buy.  Our small fee is for the professional consultation and it will be deducted from your purchase price once you decide to buy!

Our personal introduction session is tailored to educate, organize, and inspire your individual ability to put your body to work for you at its fullest capacity, simply and easily. Once you order your System we will contact you to schedule our time together.

  • Currently available to our North Texas communities.
  • If you are outside of North Texas we will coordinate a session with a qualified TheraFitPro professional.
  • For experts, beginners, healthy or not.
  • Buy a System and this session for a loved-one or colleague.
  • Let us help you receive the one-on-one expert attention that you deserve!


Try Before You Buy

Living in North Texas and still not sure?

  • Select this service for this small fee.
  • We will bring a Classic System to your location.
  • Receive a thorough introduction and no-obligation counseling session.
  • Apply this fee to reduce the purchase price of your System if you choose to feel good right away!

4 reviews for Vibration Circulation™ System Introduction & Personal Consultation

  1. Nicole

    I was so glad that Tony helped me see how easy it was to get started. I thought my diabetes would stop me from enjoying trying to feel better. This machine is now fun for me as I watch TV.

  2. Emilia L

    I am amazed and surprised by the results. I usually get on the machine twice a day. Some days I use it several times for a couple of minutes. My chiropractor suggested I use it as an ongoing therapy to reduce pain and to keep my back muscles from tightening up. It has done wonders for my varicose veins. And, it is so easy to operate. I love my machine and recommend it highly.

  3. vadaKall

    I here am casual, but was specially registered at a forum to participate in discussion of this question.

  4. CarlyJek

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